Spiral Wrap is a product that protects hoses be they pneumatic or hydraulic from damaging wear and tear. A damaged hydraulic/pneumatic hose in any industrial application is very often a costly occurrence.

This includes the clean-up itself, the lost fluid, the replacement hose and most significantly the cost of down time for the affected equipment. By fitting AGC Plastics Spiral Wrap the chances of accidental damage to hydraulic and pneumatic hoses through wear and tear or, simply accidental damage, is greatly reduced if not eliminated.

AGC Plastics Spiral Wrap is manufactured using only the highest quality High Density Polyethylene, to ensure long term protection and therefore durability of your hoses.

At our ISO 9000 accredited manufacturing facility, we ensure standards and quality are constantly monitored therefore giving you the confidence your hoses have the best protection available on the market.

AGC Plastics Spiral Wrap is easy to install on existing machinery and covered by the AGC Plastics Satisfaction Guarantee.

Available in various diameters, lengths and colours, AGC Plastics Spiral Wrap is sure to meet your Hose Protection requirements.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly visible
  • Customisizing is available
  • Has International Approvals
  • The Corrugated Cable Cover (CorrroCover) is a patented product,
    manufactured under License
  • Product thicknesses range from 3mm to 12mm
  • Widths are available from 100mm up to 600mm
  • Standar Slab Lengths are available in 1 Metre,
    12 Metre, 2 Metre and 2.1 Metre.
  • Standard Coil Lenghts are 10 Metre,
    15 Metre, 20 Metre and 25 Metre.


  • Both Plastics Extrusions Thailand and AGC Plastics
    are ISO accredited manufacturers
  • The resin we use is always of a high quality so as to ensure
    the requisite physical properties of the cable cover is
  • The film used is UV stable to ensure that the cable cover
    can be stored for long periods without fading
  • The product is continuously checked during the production
    cycle to ensure the surface finish, size, weight and impact
    strength are to the required specification.
  • In-Line Printing allows for product batch and manufacture
    date identification and tracing.
  • The product is strapped onto the pallet, and then stretch
    wrapped. This minimises movement during transportation
    to ensure safe unloading at the client.
  • We maintain strict control over all our procedures so as
    to maintain the highest quality of both product, and service
    to our customers
  • Independent testing and auditing ensure products conform
    to International Standards.

AGC Plastics Cable Cover is

Manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard 4702-2000

Our processes are independently audited

TUV Rheinland certified and tested

Laser printed for complete traceability

AGC Plastics Cable Cover standard sizes

150 mm Width

Custom lengths up to 150m

200 mm Width

Custom lengths up to 150m

300 mm Width

Custom lengths up to 150m

500 mm Width

Custom lengths up to 150m

600 mm Width

Custom lengths up to 150m